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As the Philippines continue to overtake India in becoming the #1 BPO destination in the world, it has also become the focal point of both voice and non-voice outsourcing services.
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Metro Manila Head Office

Address: 12F Sagittarius Building,
111, H.V. Dela Costa Street Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227
Tel: +63 (02) 8540-9623

As the Philippines continue to overtake India in becoming the #1 BPO destination in the world, it has also become the focal point of both voice and non-voice outsourcing services. Companies realize the potential cost savings in moving all or part of their operations to the Philippines, and must quickly mobilize to take full advantage of the benefits.

Triple i Consulting Offers Turnkey Solution

Our Account Managers and Business Consultants will help determine which organizational setup is most suitable for each client’s business; depending largely on the parent company’s original setup and the services which will be performed in the BPO center.

Triple i, then, connects clients with Keystone Property Solutions, our sister company, to help locate suitable office spaces that fits each set of requirements. Planning and developing the physical infrastructure of the office then takes place, where Triple i’s IT consultants handle network planning, IT procurement, as well as the creation of IT manuals, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity planning.

Simultaneously, while the physical office planning is taking place, Triple i also focuses on the other important factors in setting up a BPO, such as HR and labor, recruitment, and tax incentives planning.

Our labor lawyers work with our clients to help define the company’s labor policies in the Philippines, as well as draft the company manual in accordance to Philippine labor laws and its culture and principles. Our lawyers will then draft the employment contracts based on the provisions outlined in the manual.

Recruitment is another critical element in establishing any operation. Triple i Consulting works with a licensed recruitment company authorized by the Department of Labor and Employment to conduct local recruitment. Together, we help organizations save crucial time in the early stages of operation by quickly sourcing out qualified staff.

Any company engaged in outsourcing activities shall be qualified for tax incentives under the current Philippine policies. This will be planned out in the early discussions on which incentive program is the most valuable for the business – mostly determined based on company structure and office location.

Triple i Consulting will guide your organization through the setup process:

  • Selection of corporate entity
  • Selection of the appropriate office location
  • IT consulting solutions
  • Incubation and serviced office needs
  • International standard accounting outsourcing
  • Salarium web-based payroll
  • Recruitment and executive search
  • Drafting of HR manual and labor contracts
  • Registration with PEZA or BOI (if applicable)
  • Development of quality management systems

Depending on each of our clients’ needs, our team custom tailors services to fit each and every requirement. With a strong background in dealing with BPOs in both start-up and expansion modes, Triple i Consulting can provide a host of services that can take a company’s vision into full commercial operation.

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